9am - 11:30am

This class is open to children who are 2 on or by September 1.

The class provides a gentle introduction to preschool for our youngest students. The class focuses on learning the routines of preschool – washing hands, sitting on the carpet for group time, eating a family style snack, lining up for the playground – while also exposing children to early literacy, math and science concepts.

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Free Choice The children choose from a number of activities which change from day to day. These choices include activities in the Outdoor Classroom (OC) – working with sand and water, climbing, painting, sensory experiences, gardening, organized games, etc., and indoor play – learning games, art, science, cooking projects, dramatic/fantasy play, puppet shows, play dough, etc.

Group Time Half of the group of children gather together to take part in a first Group Time (while the rest of the children continue to play in the OC). The teacher leads activities such as music, movement, instrument play, songs, stories, or plays. During this time, the children have an opportunity to explore a wide range of topics/concepts while learning to take turns and participate in a group discussion. Then this group goes outside, and the second half of the group comes inside for Group Time.                                           

Snack Snack is served family-style with children and adults sitting at tables together. A variety of food is presented in self-serve bowls, encouraging the children to serve themselves. Parents model conversation, table manners, and assist the children when needed.

Playground Time The class moves over to the big playground. Playground time includes tricycle riding, swinging, sand and water play, dramatic play, climbing, and other motor activities.  Again, children are offered free choice of activities.

Closing Circle The teacher and children gather for one last time for a final song. The teacher dismisses the children from this group. The day ends.


Teacher Jean     

I have always been interested in teaching and children. I started off as a mobility instructor for the blind...yes, teaching blind and visually impaired people how to navigate their environment using a cane and common sense. After having my own children and participating in LAPP with them, I found I really enjoyed young children and the developmental process. I spent time at Santa Clara University in the program Early Intervention for Children With Special Needs, and I focused my teaching career on young children (birth to 5) with special needs, working another five years exclusively with this age group. Then I had my fourth child, and found my way back to LAPP. Since then, I have participated as a parent, on the Board, as an interim director, aide, summer program teacher, substitute teacher, and now, finally, I have joined LAPP as a teacher of the young 3's class. I enjoy the unique blend of working with children and families, and being part of the LAPP community as it grows throughout each school year. It is a joy watching children as they develop their confidence and skills as well as a love for the educational process in the LAPP environment.