9am - 11:30am

This class is for children who are 3 on or by September 1.

Children in the 3s/4s class learn skills through being a part of a peer group - they practice taking turns, listening when others talk, participating in clean up, respecting rules, and managing transitions while continuing to develop literacy, mathematic, science and self help skills.


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Welcome Circle At the start of the day, children gather on the carpet and sing a welcome song together. Students take turns helping with morning tasks, such as ringing the bell, announcing the weather, and changing the date on the calendar. The day’s free choice activities are discussed and there is an opportunity for questions and sharing information with the community. 

Free Choice During this free play time, the children choose from a number of activities which change from day to day. These choices include outdoor activities such as working with sand and water, climbing, painting, sensory experiences, gardening, woodworking, and nature exploration.  Indoor options are always offered as well, and include art, science or cooking projects, blocks, café style snack time, dramatic/fantasy play, and playdough. Throughout the school year, each parent has an opportunity to lead a curriculum project of their own design during free choice time. Teacher Autumn works with each parent to ensure that the project they choose and lead is developmentally appropriate and positively executed in the classroom. These parent projects have proven to be a highlight of the 3s/4s curriculum! 

A favorite parent project.jpg

Playground Time After spending the morning engaged in activities of their choosing, the class moves over to the playground, where options vary from day to day, and are often decided together, based on the needs and interests of the children. Consistently offered are opportunities to ride bikes, swing, climb, run, jump, and engage in dramatic imaginative play. Often children will also build construction projects with gutters and tennis balls, blow bubbles, twirl with hula hoops, and maneuver with wheelbarrows. 

Closing Circle Teacher Autumn and the children gather for a closing group time, which includes a story and/or a fun music and movement activity. Often the group reflects on their morning together and/or discusses what is coming up during the next school day. The day ends with a familiar good-bye song. 


Teacher Autumn

My relationship with LAPP began in 2006 as a parent in the program. Over the next few years, I worked as a preschool fitness coach, teacher’s aide, and a freelance writer contributing parenting articles to a local newspaper. I developed and taught a family fitness program, which takes the co-op education model into the gym and connects families together through exercise. Working with children makes each day feel rich with possibility and promise. I have found that in a world constantly in motion, there is something marvelous that comes from being still with a child. And what an amazing gift to be able to share these moments with parents on a daily basis! I am honored to be a part of a preschool community that truly engages the entire family. When I am not working, I enjoy reading, writing, exploring nature, wrestling with my son and my dog, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and laughing my way through impromptu living room dance parties with my nieces and nephews.