Thank you for 65 wonderful years!

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LAPP is a community of parents and educators committed to providing an enriching environment for our children through parent education, parent involvement and mutual support. We are a child-centered, play-based program that focuses on the whole child. We value the imagination and creativity of each child and the individuality of every family.

Our high adult to child ratios allow children to explore the indoor and outdoor classrooms in a supportive environment. The environment is designed to stimulate the development of each child and to promote a positive sense of competence and empowerment.


 Experience LAPP

“The community we’ve found at LAPP extends beyond the classroom...we have found an amazing support system for these early childhood years that can be pretty challenging.” - LAPP Pre-K Parent
“When we first visited LAPP, we were impressed by the calm environment and by seeing students resolve conflict on their own. We now know this wasn’t a coincidence! All of the parents are trained in guiding the children through conflict resolution. What a great life skill to learn at an early age!” - LAPP 3s/4s Parent
“I appreciated the option to separate gradually and gently from my son. This made our transition into starting preschool so much more positive than it would have been if I had been required to drop him off the first day.” - LAPP 2s/3s Parent