TEACHER AUTUMN                                   (3s/4s Class)


My relationship with LAPP began in 2006 as a parent in the program. Over the next few years, I worked as a preschool fitness coach, teacher’s aide, and a freelance writer contributing parenting articles to a local newspaper. I developed and taught a family fitness program, which takes the co-op education model into the gym and connects families together through exercise. Working with children makes each day feel rich with possibility and promise. I have found that in a world constantly in motion, there is something marvelous that comes from being still with a child. And what an amazing gift to be able to share these moments with parents on a daily basis! I am honored to be a part of a preschool community that truly engages the entire family. When I am not working, I enjoy reading, writing, exploring nature, wrestling with my son and my dog, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, and laughing my way through impromptu living room dance parties with my nieces and nephews. The 2017-1018 school year will be my seventh full year as a teacher at LAPP.





TEACHER JEAN                                        (Toddler Time and 2s/3s Class)


I have always been interested in teaching and children. I started off as a mobility instructor for the blind...yes, teaching blind and visually impaired people how to navigate their environment using a cane and common sense. After having my own children and participating in LAPP with them, I found I really enjoyed young children and the developmental process. I spent time at Santa Clara University in the program Early Intervention for Children With Special Needs, and I focused my teaching career on young children (birth to 5) with special needs, working another five years exclusively with this age group. Then I had my fourth child, and found my way back to LAPP. Since then, I have participated as a parent, on the Board, as an interim director, aide, summer program teacher, substitute teacher, and now, finally, I have joined LAPP as a teacher of the young 3's class. I enjoy the unique blend of working with children and families, and being part of the LAPP community as it grows throughout each school year. It is a joy watching children as they develop their confidence and skills as well as a love for the educational process in the LAPP environment. The 2017-2018 school year will be my twelfth full year as a teacher at LAPP.

TEACHER KERRY                                       (Pre K Class)  


I've been working as a preschool teacher and director for over 30 years, almost half of them here at LAPP. I was working my way through college, planning to be a child psychologist, when I took a job in a preschool—and had so much fun, I just never left! After finishing my undergraduate degree, I did graduate work to attain an internationally-recognized A.M.I. Montessori diploma, and worked as a Montessori teacher for many years. I originally chose my current position because the schedule allowed me time to home-school my daughter (now a senior at Cal.) I had never heard of the parent participation co-op model until starting at LAPP in 1999, but my years here have convinced me that it is truly the best possible preschool approach. Working together, parents and teachers can do wonderful things! Outside of school, I enjoy gardening, camping, travel, reading, playing the piano, cooking, and chasing after my four cats. The 2017-2018 school year will be my nineteenth at LAPP.

Back row: Jean, Autumn, Chi Un |  Front row: Anghelika, Susan, Kerry