12:30pm - 3:30pm

This class is for children who are 4 on or by September 1.

Pre-K prepares children who are going into kindergarten the following year.

To apply, please visit Admissions



Afternoons in the Pre-K Class begin with a brief group time, followed by free choice of activities in the classroom and outside in the Outdoor Classroom (OC).

Children participate in art, science, cooking, woodworking, board games, nature activities and more, with each station led by a parent.  


Children are welcome to eat snack any time. Midway through the day, we gather together to discuss or play games related to our current topics of interest, then go to the playground for the remainder of the day.  

Over the course of the year, children in the Pre-K Class have developmentally appropriate exposure to literacy, mathematics, physics, botany, zoology, history, music, geography, cooking, art, and more.  

Our Tuesday Club activities give children a gentle introduction to a more structured environment and more academic projects, easing the transition to kindergarten. For more details about the class and curriculum, please visit the general FAQS page.


Who should consider the Pre-K class?

The class is designed for children who will be entering Kindergarten the following year.
Children entering the class in the fall of 2017 should turn five between September 2, 2017,
and September 1, 2018. The class is more structured than the morning classes and the
activities offered to the children are more advanced and more “cognitive” in nature.

I’m concerned about the afternoon timeframe. How can I pick up my older child(ren) from school? What about naps?

Children who have napped in the afternoon until attending the Pre-K usually adapt quite quickly. They may need a quiet, restful morning on school days in order to have the best possible experience in the afternoon.

Many families have negotiated the afternoon pick-up of older children successfully. Families have swapped with other class members to pick children up on their workday, have had friends drop their older children off at LAPP for the remainder of the afternoon, and have even made arrangements with other work parents to cover for them while they go to pick up their older child and return. As long as coverage is provided for the class, there is quite a bit of flexibility available.

What is the Pre-K curriculum?

The curriculum is a natural progression from the curriculum offered in the morning classes. For the most part, children choose their activities freely. Several adult-directed projects are offered each day in addition to child-led free play. The adult-led projects tend to be more “academic” than those offered in the morning, with somewhat fewer art projects and more math/literacy/science activities.

Kerry Moore, the Pre-K teacher, was trained as a Montessori teacher, and uses a lot of Montessori learning games and activities in the class, adapted to fit the co-op classroom. She also likes to focus on developing children’s leadership skills, through encouraging them to speak or sing in front of the group, participate in acting out stories, and help make decisions about how the class runs.

Geography and music appreciation/enrichment are offered once a week, often linked (for instance when the children were learning about North America, they also listened to Native American music).


Teacher Kerry

I've been working as a preschool teacher and director for over 30 years, almost half of them here at LAPP. I was working my way through college, planning to be a child psychologist, when I took a job in a preschool—and had so much fun, I just never left! After finishing my undergraduate degree, I did graduate work to attain an internationally-recognized A.M.I. Montessori diploma, and worked as a Montessori teacher for many years. I originally chose my current position because the schedule allowed me time to home-school my daughter (now a Cal. graduate) I had never heard of the parent participation co-op model until starting at LAPP in 1999, but my years here have convinced me that it is truly the best possible preschool approach. Working together, parents and teachers can do wonderful things! Outside of school, I enjoy gardening, camping, travel, reading, playing the piano, cooking, and chasing after my four cats.