August Class Picnics                 

Each class holds a potluck during the summer, allowing parents and children the chance to get acquainted, and helping to build excitement for the coming school year.

Stories Under the Stars

Families get together for a potluck picnic in our lovely huge playground, followed by stories and songs led by the teachers.  


This very special day in April allows all the children of LAPP to enjoy special games and activities, prizes, food, music, and entertainment accompanied by (and courtesy of)  their creative and talented parents.


Spring Sing

At this evening performance, the entire LAPP community gathers for a potluck dinner, followed by a performance by each class. Children in the morning programs sing songs which they’ve learned, and the Pre-K class puts on a play complete with costumes and props. Kudos and thanks are given out to all the parents who have worked so hard to make the year wonderful for all the children in the school.

Field Trips

These opportunities vary from year to year and class to class. Several of our most popular field trips are visiting the MVHS orchestra, touring the local fire station, riding the train to a park, and meeting a Los Altos children’s librarian for our very own private story time! On field trip days, parents are expected to attend or arrange for someone else to be in charge of their child. The adult to child ratio is 1:2 on these special days. 

Other Parent Day

Each November, the 2s/3s and 3s/4s teachers invite the parent who does not work in the classroom once a week to come visit LAPP with their child for an hour on a Saturday morning. Indoor and outdoor activities are available for exploration and children have a chance to show off their school to the parent who isn’t able to spend as much time in the classroom.  

Enrichment Classes (extra fees apply)

Friday Fun Class

Scheduled seasonally, our teachers take turns teaching fun afternoon classes for children ages 3-6 and explore different themes--such as favorite children's literature, hands-on science, art, cooking, or big body play, to name a few.